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Hi there
It’s been a while I have had any communication with you. It was for the first time in my life that I was away on a holiday for 22 days. It was an experience worth having by being away from home for so long and that too on a holiday. It is really worth a try staying away from home and work for so long. I know some of you may have already eradicated this thought, thinking it’s not for me, although you want to go? But do give it a try for at-least once in a lifetime.

Would like to share what I think would be of some value for you from my experience although the holidaying season is almost coming to an end.

When on a trip abroad, it is always better to have at-least 2 credit cards with not too high limits. At times, the hotels you stay with may just deduct money from you if things are not specifically mentioned beforehand about your payments made to them. We had a bad experience on that. (You may call me to know more details of the same).

If going for a long vacation, make sure that either you have thoroughly studied point by point about every aspect of your trip ranging from food, to traveling within the city, to traffic times, to bus and train timings, to knowing about all the places you are going to be visiting in that city you are visiting, to the king of good you would get and it’s rates, to the restaurant availability in your locality if your type, to most importantly the security aspect of the place you are visiting,
Have at least one person with you who can support you in doing and managing a few of the above things while on the trip. If you even miss out on doing one of the things, it can turn out to be very tedious a trip and you might land up not enjoying your trip and just remain busy managing various aspects of the trip. Although we had booked our trip through a tour agent, at many places we experienced not knowing what to do, and in the process landed up wasting days and also walking many extra miles.

Taking ready to eat packets are quite handy provided you are staying in an equipped hotel room with gas burner or such options. If not, then take as much of your home food as possible. In our community, we are famous for taking Theplas along with us for any trip or even picnics we go for. This time, my sister-in-law got them with her for all of us and they were so well packed and well made, that it lasted us for the whole trip, which otherwise get spoilt in 7-8 days. (To know more about the making of it, you may call me).
Also be prepared to eat salads, bread, milk and nuts if you are a vegetarian. If not, you have many options to look at.

Keep checking the weather reports on the places you are going to visit. It might turn out to be a spoil sport in your holiday. It did to us for 2 days when it rained cats and dogs and we missed out on the sightseeing and experience the beauty of those places and moreover got completely drenched with no raincoats or umbrellas.
Well, these are few of the points which I feel like sharing that may help you in your long trips to come. Have fun and be a Roman in Rome. Wear what is worn in that land, and you will have a great experience.
Good luck.
With love
Mehul A. Sheth
Relationship Life Coach
Dispute Management Life Coach

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