Get Business Leads

Every time you get a lead from an unknown source, it adds to the bottom line of your business.  And we also value your time so that you can continue to put your time and energy from where you get most of your business.

We keep on enhancing your business as a silent partner.

Enhanced listing of opportunities

  1. Post both Requirements (buy leads) and Offers (Sell leads)
  2. Give additional details for your requirements and offers
  3. Add supporting documents and media for the opportunities

Enhanced promotion of opportunities

  1. Share opportunities on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and WhatsApp
  2. We post your requirements on groups where you are not present

Enhanced Rewards

  1. And on top of all this, you get 5 points every time you post a lead.
  2. You also get 1 point when you respond to an opportunity
  3. 1 point has a value of Rs 10


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