Freedom from Fear
Divya-Nagpal 21st March 2020 338Category: Learning & Development.(0)

So yesterday I was asked a question. “When a person sees possibility of a crisis, in the future, & starts to taking necessary steps to combat it, is he not operating form FEAR? Not necessarily. Fear is an Emotion & Action is an Act. And the two are different. Power eliminates fear. Action produces power. To start action, accept Acceptance. Acceptance – “This is the way it is, & it is the way it is not; & that’s it.” There is nothing wrong or right in the situation. It’s just the way it is. That’s the state it is in. E.g. There is perceived health or financial loss. What does that mean? It means “the amount of money generated till now, may not be generated later”. And that’s what it means & nothing else. Allowing any other unproductive thoughts to follow at this point, it is inviting fear. The next step is –“what is required to be done now”. List down actions needed, to avoid & also to overcome the crisis, if it takes place. This will bring back power. Now start taking those actions. Be prepared for the situation. Preparation is an action & Action generates power. There is no fear; it is just planning & action. Need more clarity. PM me, take action now. Don’t keep the thought.

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