EMPATHY is the most important leadership skill needed today.
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Working in a cooperative space, one should always remember that understanding and cooperating  with your team member  will not only help maintaining a healthy atmosphere but also will help in increasing the understanding level between the employees, If you are the leader of your team, there some qualities you need to have in you are ;

*Leadership skills

*Power of inspiring others

*Effective communication skills

Keeping all of these things in mind, an ideal leader also should posses   one very important quality following all these qualities, the quality of ;



Yes, Empathy stands in the one of the important features of leadership, which is the call of the hour ,but before we move to why Empathy is an important feature of leadership, lets understand first what is the same,


The word simply implies, the ability of understanding some ones feelings, This type of action is called Empathy. There is always a very thin line difference between empathy and sympathy can be explained in the following way,

Lets imagine a situation where in your employee is suffering through something very serious;

Sympathy; I feel so sorry for you buddy, this sucks, take care.

Empathy; I know how it feels, trust me, I will help you get out of this, don’t worry, I am here for you.

There is a very fine line difference between the two terms as the first one is just a act of pity for one`s misfortune, where  as  Empathy is  an act where you actually feel something seriously for a person and actually want to help that person, come out of the situation that’s called EMPATHY.

The sad reality of today`s world is people fail to show EMPATHY towards a person and just shower SYMPATHY. But if you as a team leader start using the formula of EMPATHY on your team mates, we assure you the results will be positive! Also here are some strategy mantras which can help your team of employees grow stronger. Have a look;

#Strategy NO 1;

your staff will be more loyal;

One of the struggles that every organization faces is retaining talented staff. One of the most common  reasons for people leaving an organization is lack of trust in and appreciation from those they report to. Empathy increases trust, a sense that staff are valued and cared about. Whether in our personal relationships or part of an organization, we will be more likely to stay when we feel like we are heard, appreciated, and cared about. As a team leader, using this policy will ultimately help you in making your clients stick to you and the firm!

#Strategy NO 2;


Have you ever noticed that when someone close to you notices how you are feeling or tells you much they appreciate something you have done for them? You automatically have the urge to do more for them. In terms of employee engagement, it is known that when leadership demonstrates to employees that they care, the action automatically reciprocate itself and leads to extraction of good work from the employee side. This is the basic hack that a group leader can implement for making his employees give their best shot in their work, which ultimately will lead to better results.

#Strategy NO 3;


Not only do employees that feel valued and appreciated want to do more in their work, they want to do more for their fellow employees. When empathy is demonstrated at the top, it is passed down throughout the organization, resulting in an increase in teamwork, a decrease in staff conflict, and a decrease in workplace disruption. This collaboration will result in better coordinated work effort and increased productivity, and we all know, better productivity, leads to….. yes! Better results and any company at the end of the day would want the same thing as that’s the sole goal of every company.

#Strategy NO 4;


This simple equation has a lot to tell, when a group leader becomes empathetic, and starts appreciating the true potential of the employees, it helps in fueling up the aspirations of the employees to do much better than in they are doing at current stage. The aspiration to do more better than today to be recognized, appreciated and considered, is a feeling that all of crave for every day. And hence appreciation will always help in extracting the hidden potential of the employee. And will ultimately lead you to success!

These four simple and effective strategies will definitely  help you and your team excel in your plans and we assure you that this tips wont fail.

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