Emotions Handling: Art & Science
MONIKA SOLANKI 10th October 2018 929Category: Learning & Development.(0)

All human beings across countries, cities regardless of their colour, sex or age have one thing in common- which are emotions.

Emotions – as we describe as “Feelings” are our deep seated conscious experience-indicated by strong and fierce activities in our mind. Outcome of emotions are moods, followed by corresponding actions. Emotions are responsible for overall state of our body. State is a condition which governs our vibrations. A positive and a happy state of mind will direct us with the positive actions and outcomes. While a negative state of mind will facilitate negative actions and miserable outcomes.

So emotions are basically the driver of our consequences. It is not easy to shift these undesirable emotions to a desired state. However upon regular conscious practice, you can even master over these to lead towards a productive outcome.

Mastering emotions is always empowering and help you gain a new strength.

For example if you are feeling hurt by some external events and if you allow these emotions to overrule you; you will continue to keep suffering from them and invite more such unfortunate events in your life, as you have been consciously focussing on a hurtful state.

To overcome these undesirable emotions, you need to first make a choice– a choice to not allow yourself to be a victim of these negative emotions. You need to understand here that all emotions are not hurtful. Some are pleasant but not desired. So to initiate, you need to acknowledge and embrace all emotions occurring within yourself. You need to embrace them gently. Important point here is to not fight or resist those emotions, because the more you try to fight or even ignore; the stronger impact these emotions will leave.

Its like if someone’s knocking at the door and you do not open the door; the knocking increases. This is a vicious trap where new emotions will be created like that of pleasure while being in a victim mode. From my research, I was able to gauge that this is the most prevalent reason why people get stuck in the same vicious emotional trap. And the best part is people do not want to break it or come out of it as they receive “sympathy” from the people around them-“Look at this poor man; he is so alone.”

So embracing and acknowledging these emotions becomes a priority for tackling them after making a strong choice to overcome them. There are powerful NLP tools available; which I often guide to gain power in such situations. The most desirable outcomes bank on the strongest choices being made. Are you ready to be uncomfortable?


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