eGrowth Shareables

eGrowth has come of age. You can not only do a lot on eGrowth. You can also share it with others. You may share sections to WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn or through email as well.

Share a Profile

You need not share a contact card, share an eGrowth profile which not only gives the contact details, it also shares the business, recognition, memberships and a lot of professional information of the user

Business Portrait

You may share the business portrait of a company. Like this you are promoting the business of your friends, without the need to keep their collaterals on your phone. The beauty is that it is always upto date.

Blog & Articles

You like it, you share it. Everytime you come across a good article on eGrowth, share it with your friends


You can share the requirements or offers  (Buy or Sell) that you like. This increases the possibility of the need getting fulfilled

Go ahead and share to the fullest. The more you share the more you grow.

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