eGrowth Mixers

eGrowth is a journey to crack the DNA for exponential growth in business. It started with interviews, surveys and conversations with businessmen to explore what are their pain points. Today we are world’s first BAD (Business Advisory and Business Development) Networking Platform

eGrowth has been built as a conversation to find the answer to just one question – How to Grow the Business

The most effective tool that we have used is eGrowth Mixer. Through this article we will dwell on what is an eGrowth Mixer and what makes it so special.

What is an eGrowth Mixer?

An eGrowth Mixer is a focus meeting of entrepreneurs to help them discover each other.

  • A Mixer typically lasts 3 hours and has 12 – 15 participants.
  • It begins with the participants taking a few minutes to introduce themselves
  • In the second round they share what they can offer to the others and the community at large
  • The third round is where they share what they are looking for
  • After this about half an hour is given to the host to share about something of general interest. It could be a product, service, skill, someone’s journey or book reading..
  • A mixer would end with networking over Tea / Coffee + snacks

What makes an eGrowth Mixer unique?

  • All the participants pay for attending, this amount is small enough, not to pinch someone and large enough to demonstrate commitment
  • Generally a Mixer is organized at the host’s office
  • First reason is  – It is a sustainable model. For a developing economy it is important to address sustenance in the first go
  • Second and more important reason is – Meeting someone at his office builds greater trust in comparison to meeting him at a coffee shop or at a hotel lobby.
  • Third and most important reason is – The photos, video and text from the Mixer are shared across the platform. This too helps to build the trust of the host and the attendees with the others who are living far and wide.

All the phases of a Mixer are important.

  • During the build up phase the attendees are closely observing how welcoming the host is, his warmth invites more attendees to come over, even those who are on the fence
  • During the Mixer the energy of the group causes actual business to happen, it allows people to open up or to shut to opportunities
  • The post mixer communication tells how serious the team is about growth of business.

Every eGrowth Mixer has some success stories to tell – 

Vikash Vikal – An eGrowth member from Patna was struggling to establish his digital marketing business in Delhi. He met Amit Verma, another eGrowth member from Delhi. They got to know each other during eGrowth Mixers and got along so well that they moved together into a single office and are bidding for joint business now

Dr. Shabana Khan hosted a series of eGrowth Mixers in South Delhi. Her challenge was that she could not go out and sell. eGrowth Mixers allowed entrepreneurs to come to Indian Research Academy week on week. As a fall out Dr. Shabana got some reliable vendors for her publications and other services and she also got some business leads

Praveen Modi, a regular at eGrowth Mixers became a regular vendor to Indian Research Academy for printing and publication. He also upgraded his subscription and is considering to host eGrowth Mixers now

Deepak Saini  and Rohan Sahni specialize in Geopatic stress and Advanced Vastu Consulting. They have got a number of clients through eGrowth Mixers and continue to be regulars in eGrowth Mixers

Ashish Kapoor participated in some eGrowth Mixers at Indian Research Academy and has been hosting his coaching sessions for Maven Business Club. He has also used services from some of the contacts he got from eGrowth Mixers

Geeta Nandkumar is into event management. She has been consistent in eGrowth Mixers. Some of the contacts from eGrowth have been her sponsors or have given her contacts for sponsorship/

Deepshikha Balwani is a Healer in multiple modalities. She has hosted a number of Mixers at Delhi, Hyderabad, Jalandhar and other locations across India. She claims to have got reasonable business because of eGrowth.

Shree Dembla runs a healing studio – The Mind Collective in New Delhi. She has hosted eGrowth Mixers and has also got participants for her sessions in Mumbai

Rajashree Nedungadi, an artist and trainer has been a frequent host for eGrowth Mixers at Gurgaon. These mixers not only helped her get connected when she shifted from Mumbai, these also helped her with some decent business.

Manish Kumar is a CA from Delhi. He has been an active participant in eGrowth Mixers and also in the community at large. He has landed assignments not only from Delhi – NCR but form places like Lucknow and Bhopal

Mandeep Kaur runs a successful business into interior decor and attends eGrowth Mixers regularly. She says that she likes the opportunity she gets to express herself, the ease and grace with which she gets to build her business. She joined as a BASIC subscriber and upgraded to an Annual Subscription

To sum up, eGrowth Mixers are the keystone of the eGrowth Framwork. These allow the network to exist and contribute to the growth of a large multitude of businesses.

Welcome to the world of exponential growth. It is the small details which have large impact.

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