eGrowth Inner Circle – From Teens to Tweens

Wish you all a great decade. We have just graduated from teens (2019) to tweens (2020).

As the decade moves form 1 to 2, we suggest you move from 1 to 2 power sources to grow your business. The second power source is your support structure. This can be eGrowth РThe Leverage Platform. eGrowth is a B2B ecosystem for MSMEs

  • is the online platform where your business becomes discover-able
  • eGrowth Inner Circle – An invite only club for you to grow your business through a problem solving approach
  • eGrowth Mixers An innovative approach to sustainable business networking

eGrowth Inner Circle

eGrowth – The Leverage Platform is a B2B ecosystem. We exist to empower and enable businesses.

The Inner Circle is an invitation only, active environment for B2B engagement and Distributed Business Consulting

  • An Inner Circle is lead by a team of a president and a vice president
  • An Inner Circle meets 2 times in a month. During these meetings, the participants introduce themselves and work on the ‘distributed consulting’ model
  • Members come upfront and share their challenges and all the members deliberate on it.
  • The outcomes are a professional approach to run businesses which were hitherto unstructured
  • The inner circle works closely with the local industry associations and bodies to explore opportunities for business creation for the members.

eGrowth – The Larger Picture

  • eGrowth will build connections with Government bodies form Ministry of Industries, MSME etc for the larger benefit of the business community
  • We will also establish contacts with trade desks of various countries to expand international business
  • We will also participate in global tradeshows and conferences to stay abreast with the global market scenario

Welcome to the power of 2 in 2020.



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