Leverage eGrowth Business Network

As you start becoming comfortable on eGrowth Business Networks, the next question starts to crop up is..

How do I promote my business on eGrowth.

Through this article, we are giving you a birds eye view of what all is possible on eGrowth Platform. There are a few more articles wherein we have gone deeper into each of these aspects.

How to leverage eGrowth Business Network

eGrowth is a hybrid platform. You can engage with other business owners both online as well as offline. listed here is an elaborate list of what you can do on eGrowth.

eGrowth Portal

eGrowth is the result of a discovery process for a platform which could meet the needs of B2B Networking for Small and Growing Businesses. What you see today is the outcome of many years of consumer interactions, deliberation, market study and focused group activities. Click here to read more about how to leverage the portal. Listed here is a partial list of what will eventually unfold for the benefit of MSMEs at large.  –

  1. Lead generation by listing and responding to opportunities
  2. Post Articles and Blog and get discovered through your content
  3. Post Workshops, Seminars, Trade Shows and other events to promote your business
  4. Create Personal Profile and get discovered by prospects
  5. Create Business Portrait and get discovered by prospects
  6. Engage in discussions to overcome your business challenges and build partnerships

eGrowth WANetwork

WhatsApp is a market leader in connecting people. We have chosen to leverage what is available rather than making a copy of what is already there. This has helped to speed up the adoption rate of eGrowth, which is one of the fastest growing B2B Networks. Click here to read how to extract maximum value from WhatsApp

eGrowth WANetwork is a collection of curated WhatsApp groups of entrepreneurs. We have categorized our network on Access Rights, Region and based on Industry –

  1. Privileged Access Groups – Premium groups, Exclusive groups, Regular Groups
  2. Janta Groups – You can promote you business liberally
  3. Regional Groups – We have groups for different states in India. For regions like Mumbai and Delhi / NCR we have multiple groups
  4. Industry Groups –  Some groups have entrepreneurs from the same trade – Industrial / Manufacturing, Professionals, Healthcare, Tours & Travels, Trainers & Healers, Startups, Construction, ExServicemen, Students, Hotels & Resorts
  5. Women Entrepreneurs – We also have communities exclusively for women entrepreneurs


eGrowth Social Media properties

True to our philosophy of being closer to our users, we have communities on relevant Social Media platforms –

  1. Facebook Groups and Facebook Page – Subscribe to the B2B community
  2. LinkedIn Group – Subscribe now to remain in communication
  3. YouTube channel – Subscribe now to checkout new videos form eGrowth members
  4. Twitter handle – Follow eGrowthOrg
  5. Instagram handle – Follow eGrowthOrg

eGrowth Networking events  –

eGrowth Mixers and PARTY 4 NETWORKING are already talk of the town. We are working on more formats to enable business growth.






(As an annual subscriber, your offers will also be published)



About eGrowth: We are World’s first BAD (Business Advisory and Business Development) Networking Platform

With tools like Brand Promotion, Requirements (Lead Generation) Personal profile, Business portrait, Blogs, News,(Information Sharing), Chapters, Events, Discussion Forum, Referrals and  Rewards (Business Networking), eGrowth has evolved into an integrated, dynamic ecosystem for entrepreneurs, business owners and start-ups

To augment this we have a large WhatsApp Network, Facebook Community and LinkedIn community as well

Our networking events  – eGrowth Mixers, PARTY 4 NETWORKING are already talk of the town.

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