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Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises contribute significantly to India’s industrial growth. In act it would be apt to say that they are a major bulwark contributing towards the nation’s progress.

eGrowth as a Business Advisory platform seeks to lend direction and momentum to this entrepreneurial zest in a major way. In other words it is a growth disruptor seeking to provide valuable inputs to tiny and medium companies striving for excellence and help them fast track their growth through its e-network platform comprising of social media tools like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. By bringing forth a humongous network of small and medium sized enterprises, eGrowth is poised to connect 200 cities across India and empower over 60,000 companies.
This super growth networking platform will bring together buyers, sellers and  channel partners together.
This intense networking endeavours to increase business leads and augment business for small companies.
New connects and fresh inputs help companies to accelerate growth as they gain access to more companies from different areas.
Businesses are also able to redefine themselves by growth expansion and adopting better and more revenue generating modules.
All information required to enhance business and also obtain more training in new areas can be obtained as one browses the egrowth platform Those having queries about the eGrowth platform can connect or call on the mobile number 9820451259 or look up
Some clarifications:
Angel investors whether individuals or groups have been the catalysts providing financial muscle to companies like Google and Yahoo or Alibaba.  Angel investors who created these behemoths may invest less than venture capitalists, but, companies like Indian Angel Network, Mumbai Angels and Hyderabad Angels have been a major boost to industry in India. This is a vital support since funded venture capitalists generally prefer to back  companies that have massive potential. they also seek equity presence in the companies they fund.  They handhold the companies till the stage where they can go for an IPO. Incubators and accelerators up the growth ante of startups and market newbies.Incubators help to train manpower and accelerate growth of small companies. Accelerators help companies grow into competitive industrial setups.
Several incubators and accelerators are proving to be growth intensifiers for startups in Chennai, Coimbatore and Vellore..

This article was originally published in Tamil, in Dinamalar, Coimbatore Edition. The Author is Mr Sathappan Sethuraman

Translation by Ms. Geeta Nandakumar

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