Don’t set goals..before you read this!

The term goal setting gives joy to some, pain to some and to others it means nothing. Despite whatever we may feel about goal setting, we all know that without a doubt it is very important.

But why is that different people tend to look at goals differently?
Why most people are not able to achieve their goals?
Why many of those who try, give up half way (or even sooner)?

These questions have taken my mind space for the longest time and I believe that I finally have an answer for this. And that is this…

We don’t set our own goals

Most people set goals for others and that is the reason we often are unable to achieve them.

Confused? Allow me to explain:

Let’s take a goal of losing weight

People set that goal because they want to look good. Why, so that they feel appreciated.. by others.

In this case, the goal is based on appreciation and approval by others. Which make it a goal for others.

And it’s very difficult to take full ownership of something that is not our own.


What to do?

While setting any kind of goal, ask yourself “Why” are you setting that goal. And make sure that the reason is yours, no others. And the right way to do this is to take dedicated time out, alone to think.

What are your thought on this? I would love to know what you think on this topic. Do write back!

To Your Success!!

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