Digital Transformation the Boon for MSME Business and Entrepreneurs

CXO are know for their Expertise and Abilities for Running their Business, some Growing their Business……but very very Few Know How to Transform their Businesses

Digital has compelled all of us…forced to Transform our Own Business , there is an acute shortage of Experts who have Understood the System, Structure and Process of Digital transformation management and Mastered IT.

All the Universities , R&D, Manufacturing, Govt are Experiencing their inability and Helplessness in getting Aligned to this Reality.

Capitalist v/s Socialist both are OUT …….its an Era of Digitalist Now !!!

One has to acquire the broad knowledge about various Digital Tools (Platforms) and Technologies and how fast they are Impacting the Business arenas be it

Artificial Intelligence, IoT, VRML, BioChips, Digital Workplace

Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Blockchain Technology

Digital-marketing is gone now its about Marketing in the Digital World

Wondering How can We effectively Use the Existing Tools and Resources in creation of Digital Transformation Agents who will act like Catalyst and Hasten the Integration of Digital Culture of Performance in the Organizations Globally in a smooth manner.

Corporate Boardrooms though are getting the inkling on something happening but challenged on What and How to do because the Big Questions comes How to have efficiency and Profitability in this Challenging Times, moreover every board member or Expert they hire gives them different aspects/View on the Future which confuses them even more. Some have burned their fingers with Wrong Consultants and Partial implementation or Lack of funds etc

One has to acquire the Conceptual Understanding of the Framework in totality. knowledge and Process, Pathway needed to innovate, digitise and transform the organisation in any industry vertical/domain.

The Big four are currently Leading the digital transformation initiatives Globally but there are none who are looking at the MSME sector , Govt and NGO’s (Non Profits)

How about the Chamber of Commerce or National Industries Bodies and Govt all work with one common approach to Digital transformation

Who and What will Be the Catalyst that will Empower people to innovate, digitise and transform in a Organization/Country.

How to Bring about Business Value coupled with Balancing the digital initiatives that are both innovative and transformational

Considering Requesting UN to take initiative in this direction to Benefit Humanity.

Would Love to know Success stories and Critical Ideas, suggestions, Inputs on this


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