Cross Business Boundary in year 2020
Mr. Manish kumar Sinha 8th January 2020 26Category: Finance. ()


Enjoy year 2020 and play on front-foot in your business and life as in 20-20 format of cricket to achieve success within short-span.


Now’s Time to Cross Your Business Boundary

New Year brings new resolutions and inspires us to work hard and act smart.

Everyone has own boundary to dream and they work accordingly. All of us have dreams but we limit as per present market and cash- liquidity scenario.

A small shopkeeper having turnover of Rs 50,000 per month or Rs 6,00,000 per year cannot dream of having turnover of 10 Crore. They just think to increase their turnover by 20% to 50% and they become happy if it’s achieved. They Never think about Franchise model and multi brand under one roof like BATA, Liberty, Croma, Reliance Digital etc.

We all must understand the value of dreaming and create functional roadmap to achieve our dream. Everyone should have dream and we all should work towards fulfilment of such dreams.

We have a live example of  श्री Dhirubhai  Ambani :-  who started a job at Petrol pump but always dreamt Big & became the richest person of India before his death in 2002...WHY ?   Because Dhirubhai  Ambani had crossed business boundary through his vision.

All of us can achieve the same success if we follow process of business success system.

Process to make your business succeed

  • Vision
  • Effective Communication
  • Business System
  • Action Plan & Strategy
  • Implementation and Execution
  • Stay Focused
  • SWOT/PEST Analysis


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