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Story Design 4th January 2019 496Category: Social Responsibility.(0)

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Branding team at Story Design always believe brands are built by winning hearts and consumers aspirations with the right approach to brand positioning. Story Design creative design team always brings best to the client starting from #Brand Consulting , Strategy and Positioning  which involves Identity design to Communication Design, to #packaging design to Digital & Print media creatives based on specific message to be delivered to the specified TG/Segments so that Brand can easily connect with their target groups of consumers for more details, please visit

It’s important for brands to connect with the consumer with something that can touch their day today life and can make a remarkable impact such as something that they care about but cannot achieve or do. This will not only creates a better brand value but also prompt consumers about the brand perception at the same time helping brands to establish better brand personality and excellent brand positioning.

Livpure recently launched its campaign #cuttingpaani2.0 which i believe is an excellent initiative by Mr Rakesh Malhotra (Founder & Mentor -SAR Group) to connect their TG connecting their Water Purifiers business brand “Livpure” with the Social Cause. Here it must be noted that almost 70% of the water is wasted during the purification process but Livpure’s initiative is definitely a appreciable step to bring natural resource back to the society by reducing its wastage in day today life of common man (giving back to the society/mother nature”.This will definitely help the brand to build better brand recall value along with the enhanced brand positioning.

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