Character and Relationships
Divya-Nagpal 15th June 2020 223Category: Learning & Development.(0)

I have always kept my professional & personal life separate. But somehow,I could not help writing this. With heavy heart, I heard news, senior professional in the insurance company, associated with our family lost his life,5 days ago. I was connected to him 8 years back. As a professional, we would speak only once a year, for 5 minutes. Sir would call each year,3 days before the premium was due. He would offer to send somebody to pick up the cheque & if I was in office, he would make arrangements accordingly. In the conversation, he would never push sales/his view point. He always asked our need & ease. He would tell us,the time,his employee would reach to collect the payment.The person was always on time,each year

It is not being methodical. He touched our hearts, as he looked into our ease & always honored his word, without fail. We relied on him

I learnt

· Relationship is built over time

· Character is how you navigate with people & situations each time you deal with them

· Most important values are

o Valuing the other person more than yourself

o Honoring your word, each time

Sir you will be missed

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