Canada PR made Simple by Amit Verma

Permanent Residency to Canada is a daunting process with many permutations and combinations to be considered before applying. With numerous immigration streams available, it is quite stressful to choose the right immigration stream and enhancing one’s chances of selection.

Amidst all the noise, myself – Amit Verma, an immigration and education advisor; has decided to educate the people about the process of permanent residency to Canada and to inform them of the various terms used in it. To help people make an informed choice about their Canada PR Visa, I have authored an e-Book.

It is aptly named “Canada PR made Simple by Amit Verma”. It is available, for free for everyone to learn the basics from it. I am happy to aware people of the immigration procedure and save them visa fraud.

The E-Book may be downloaded from this link.

Happy Reading and do send me feedback as I plan my next book and would incorporate your suggestions in the book.


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