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Can we falter too …?

Few days back someone passed a comment on my colleague’s daughter , ‘oh! She is facing so many issue’s…I thought she would be given the best advice at home and would hardly face such issue’s, being a Psychologist’s daughter !!’

That made me wonder, why she is not a human being! She cannot have emotions, is she made differently… So what if she is a Psychologist’s daughter !

It made me wonder, that a Neurologist cannot have neuro issues or a dentist cannot have dental problems !

So I thought I would share my view’s –

1. Here we need to understand that one who goes through maximum churning in life and comes out as a winner , has the most practical and humanistic approach towards another being.

2.You can make out in your interaction with another person, when you confide to them.By his body language, when he takes enough time to comprehend your struggle or reaction.
The way he gives a solution to your problem…you can ask him ,did you try that with yourself? So did that work?If not then how can we expect to give suggestions to another person and expect him to work on it and come out of it too.

3.I am not saying that we cannot have our own triggers or face transference during a session but yes if we are having counter transference then we really need to look within, work on it and come out of this.We then should not hesitate in seeking help from another Psychologist.

4.Why do people forget that we are humans too , we can also have our highs and lows .

5. Imagine listening for seven to eight hours’ to another person about his traumas,pain,anxiety and hurts, it does effect us in some way. Though we are trained to handle it.

6. Once in two to three month’s Psychologist’s are also asked to take therapy and bounce back and get ready to guide and help other people as much as possible as that’s the reason they chose this profession.

So here I would request one and all not to be judgemental and forget that Psychologist have feelings and emotions too.Please treat them as human beings and not as a programmed robot expecting things to be perfect at their end always.

And if you do not expect us to falter in our life’s then do not expect us to understand you and show you the light when you come to us for sessions.You can talk to your plants and pots at home hoping they may understand you and guide you further.

Good wishes..

Dr.Kirti Bajpai
Psychologist Counselor

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