Business Advisory Services

We (EBN Learning Private Limited) are world’s first BAD (Business Advisory and Business Development) Network. We are an integrated, dynamic ecosystem for Entrepreneurs, Business and Start-Ups. Over the years our reach has grown to over 9000 entrepreneurs across 80+ cities in India and abroad.

As a business owner you can leverage eGrowth Network through multiple channels, both online and offline.


Our Business Advisory practice is designed to work closely with you to help you EXPAND the reach of your business and bring EFFICIENCY into your business practices

The broad categories are –


Business Modelling

We work with you to prepare the following

  • Business Model – Your customer segments, Vendors and collaborators, Unique Selling Preposition (USP), Sources of Revenue and Expenses
  • Business Structure – Functional organization, Geographic structure, Flat structure and the weightage to respective stake holders
  • Business Plan – Refer to historic data, plan for a future, plan for creating structures to exceed this plan
  • Business Tracking – Structures to measure the progress ongoingly, identify the parameters to be measured


Business Expansion

Business can expand either by getting to new territories, new lines of business or a combination there of

  • Scale Up – New territories, New Products,
  • Market Entry – All what it takes to expand into new regions


Creating Wealth

Wealth Creation, Investment, Fund Raising

Answers to questions like –

  • How do you conserve cash?
  • How to make your money work for you
  • Debt or Equity or both?

Using Technology Efficiently

The idea is to enable you in adopting where information technology can take away a part of your work

  • Communicate efficiently – Email,
  • Customer Engagement – Marketing Automation,
  • Efficient Sales Process – Sales Force Automation,
  • ERP, Other commercial applications


Our endeavour is to constantly add value to your business. We get our hands dirty so that you can spend some extra quality time with your family

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