Building multiple income streams
MV-Narayan 9th April 2020 312Category: My Business.(0)

We are in an age of dynamic environment supplemented by Technology. New ideas , new businesses, team work and collaborations, are the business order and technology is behind all this phenomena.

Today, we can do multitasking activities because of the above, and therefore we can think of adding new income sources, which would not have been possible few years back.

Hence, you can have 3-4 other income sources and build in such a way, that they start becoming Passive Incomes. We have 2 types of income – Active and Passive. In both these types, the differential factor is YOUR TIME . Do you have Time to build multiple businesses, at the same time? The answer is NO. The best way out is to build multiple Business Assets that can give you Passive Incomes. This is what Millionaires do, and we should be following them.

I give a free consultation to our members till it makes them realize, what to do and how to proceed.




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