Brilliance of Sri jai Shankar from his September 2020 book.


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The brilliance of Sri Jai Shankar, Indian Foreign Affairs Minister. He published a book – “The Indian way: Strategies for an Uncertain World” in September, 2020. A few outstanding and path breaking excerpts.

On mastering mind games with China and the US.

The world will not let any country, any society rise-you can call it kind of Newton’s third law of politics. For every rise, there will be a pushback. So you have to manage that pushback. When you’re tested, you have to stand your ground.

On India-China future.

Two billion-plus societies, two civilizational societies, two neighbouring societies. This is very unusual because it’s not often in history that you have proximate neighbours rising parallelly.

This as a very, very complex relationship but it is my responsibility to steer it in the right direction.

On the special interest with the US.

A lot of this suspicion of America is very much Lutyens Delhi problem. The Indian street actually realized the value of the American relationship much earlier than Lutyens Delhi did.

On zero diplomacy with neighbours as the new diplomatic tool.

For a country, any country and that too a country like India, to say, okay, I’d love to have good relations with everybody and by the way you set the agenda and I will come, I don’t think that’s the foreign policy we should have.

On FTAs & Globalisation.

Can you honestly tell me that because of this openness, because of all these FTAs today, India is more innovative, India is more competitive, Indian manufacturing is thriving, Indian exports are booming, and they’re not.


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