Bound to Bharat (B2B)

We were thinking what could be an apt heading for eGrowth’s Independence Day message and  what better than B2B. This is a very widely used phrase and eGrowth is all about Business to Business.

We have been on it for over 4 years now. The journey which started in Mumbai in 2014 in the dark of night has evolved into a mission which is relevant for all.

Here are some things we are doing for Bharat –

  • Share who are you – Your Personal Profile and Business Portrait for your business allows you to share who are you and what is your business all about
  • Express yourself – On eGrowth you can publish articles & blog, participate in discussions through questions & answer forum.
  • Build ConnectionsRemain connected with those whom you know and those whom you wish to know. Get informed when they do any activity
  • Promote your Business – Post events and workshops, create leads by posting requirements and offers, respond to opportunities
  • Information on Demand – Choose to get notified of requirements, events, blogs and other activities that you want
  • Communities – Participate in conversations through Forums, Groups, and other communities on Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp
  • Referrals – Share profiles, Business Portraits and invite your business contacts to benefit from the platform
  • Rewards – Get rewarded for what you do on eGrowth


We are bound to Bharat. We are committed to your success and growth. This is our way of saluting the great nation that we are, Jai Hind

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