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Internet has brought a lot of change for us. In less than 30 years of its existence Internet is omnipresent. Search was one application which made a sea change. Today the world is fast adopting technologies like AI, IoT, AR, Block Chain. Voice applications promise to change the way we use technology.

Another major change that Internet has influenced is ‘Consumer Behaviour’ While we grew up in a era when the products had to be ‘sold’ today products are ‘discovered’.

  • The buyer has become more ‘engaged’ in the buying process.
  • A buyer spends considerable time to Search, Read, Compare and Know More about products or services.
  • Now sales do not happen just by sharing Brochures, Datasheets, Specifications and Presentations
  • The customer is aware and demanding
  • Advertisements and Hoardings do not guarantee success anymore

We are in an era of ‘Distributed Relationships’, our customer is our partner.

The next question –

How do we engage with the customer!

One possible answer is

Story telling

Strange but true, our relationship with our Grand Mom is great even today, this is a result of the stories our grand parents shared with us. They used simple language and created a portrait of a world for us through their words.


What if you do this for your customers!!

People love to hear stories and informal stuff. Make you customers and prospects a part of yourself, Share extensively from your business

  • Stories about your Company
  • Your Journey as an entrepreneur
  • About your products and services
  • Behind the scene stories
  • Case studies of empowering your customers
  • Make it a personal affair

This is different from sharing datasheets, specifications or brochures & presentations

At eGrowth, we empower you to connect with your customer. You may use eGrowth Blog to stitch this unique partnerships through your articles

  • Your opportunity to share and be heard
  • We take your words to those whom you value
  • The prominent Categories –
    • My Journey – You write your stories of entrepreneurship
    • My Business – Your story of how your business evolved
    • Case Studies – Some stories from your customers
    • Products – Write about your products
    • Services – Write about your services

We invite you to Blog for better Business. #B4BlogB4Business

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