As a leader, is your time spent on activities aligned to goal
Divya-Nagpal 29th March 2020 148Category: Learning & Development.(0)

The CEO Amol, was to start his monthly reviews in 2 days. He had met his leader Senior Sales manager, Anuj found the sales actions /task implementation was way different from the detailed plan, despite clarifications. Amol knew he was about to make a decision; he did not want to – To have more frequent reviews for his low performing departments.

Reflecting back, Amol realized he was already forced to spend more time on recommunication and monitoring rather than strategic. It was taking his team more time to implement. (Do you also feel like this at times). He was answerable to founders, That’s the struggle he was in… thus since last couple of years, there was. No expansion. No promotion. no new vertical / initiative / business

Amol knew he needed to change. More than others, actually he needed to look within himself. These are some things he could do.

1.       Action –

1.1.    Awareness Phase – Write what is the demand of your job role or goal.

1.2.    From an activity log, check which activity is he spending more time on. Does that activity fulfill the demand of his job role or goal?

1.3.    Take corrective actions. Eg hire a quality check person / automate the process / or relook at the manner of delegation

1.4.    Allocate time for real work.

2.       Emotions

2.1.    Take action only when he is calm & free from anxiety, fear, self-doubt.

3.       Conversation & Language –

3.1.    Is your delegation clear?

3.2.    Is your language of comrade

3.3.    Use language which leaves a seed in their mind to act

Do you also face this at times in your work area? Does your day go in something that was not planned at all? & plans remain plans.

There are many things which you may want to do. Please feel free to discuss one-o-one. Send a message now.

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