5 Ways to Back up Your Business Data and Keep It Safe from Threats
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In 2020, we all use, consume and process more data on more devices than we did 10, 5 or even 3 years ago. Data now allows us to create innovative new products and services, solve lifestyle and environmental challenges and even save lives. At the same time, we also have more opportunities to lose data.

Data losses can be problematic for individuals. However, it is especially devastating for businesses. When these entities lose data, they may lose their customers, reputation and goodwill. They may – and often do – incur huge financial losses. In some cases, they may even be slapped with fines or criminal/civil suits.

Don’t risk data loss. Back it up!

Here are 5 ways to back up your data and protect your organisation.

  1. Keep a local copy

Local backup provides a quick and reliable way to access data and ensure that you have what you need to restore any lost file, app or system.

Copy files to hard drives, USB flash drives, external drives or other devices attached to individual systems or devices connected via a local or wide area network. If the additional expense worries you, think about the expenses you will incur if you lose all your business data. Don’t hesitate – the returns will be worth it!

  1. Keep another copy in the cloud

Cloud backup provides a reliable way to rapidly restore vital data so your business can get back to work fast even if a natural disaster or man-made malware attack destroys both your original files and local backups. The cloud also keeps data secure, giving you complete peace of mind. Plus, data can be accessed from anywhere, providing convenience and ease of use.

  1. Protect your data from malware and other man-made threats

Corporate ‘ransomware’ attacks, where a company’s data is hijacked by criminals and only released if a hefty ransom is paid, are becoming more and more common. Until a few years ago, backups were the failsafe that allowed organisations to restore their systems following a ransomware attack without having to pay the criminals. However, smart cybercriminals now target backup files to keep their victims from bypassing their ransomware attacks.

Protect your backup data with a secure solution that can stop attacks and restore any affected files.

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  1. Maintain data authenticity

With the huge amounts of data now generated, it’s easy to lose track of who created, accessed or modified the data. However, unauthorised data tampering and illegal data access is a growing threat, so it’s critical for organisations to maintain a chain of custody for all their data. Notarise documents and files, digitise them where possible, add digital signatures, and use software that can help you maintain data authenticity and integrity.

It is also important to promote a ‘security culture’ throughout every level of your organisation so each employee understands the best practices for creating and using company data.

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  1. Streamline your defences with technology

Plenty of tools are now available to help organisations strengthen their security practices and protect their data.

For example, Windows Defender, Microsoft’s built-in antivirus, provides traditional signature-based protection against spyware, viruses and malware. Acronis offers a number of AI-based anti-ransomware solutions that deliver both cyber backup and protection. These two solutions can protect organisations from everything, including malware that’s never been seen before.

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Final thoughts

Data loss incidents are on the rise. But with these 5 time-tested, proven strategies, every organisation can protect their data and ensure business continuity even in the presence of threats.

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