5 tips to harness the power of search engine marketing for your small business
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AUDIENCE IS THE SOUL OF SEM, but unfortunately many so called ‘’EXPERTS’’ fail to understand this, but this is the tried and trusted truth of all times any kind of business highs up only when the company is crystal clear with the ideas like WHAT DO THEY NEED?

WHAT ARE THEY SEARCHING FOR? These questions help in maximising the audience and increase the business as the exact need is fulfilled!


2; Key words are the key!

key words play an crucial role for collecting the audience. once the technique of understanding the key words is clear, capturing the audience becomes 10x times easier. As a smaller company you always got the flexibility to focus on lower -funnel –long- tail key words.


3; content is the concern!

SEM does not end with use of key words to reach the audience but the content here is the most important and real concern. The use of the 80%- 20% thumb rule. The 20% of the rule will directly promote your product and 80% will talk about the related topics, which will keep the audience entertained and the whole thing will not turn into bookish knowledge but will also keep the audience entertained equally!



IF someone has told you that blogging is out of fashion and is no more working, you need to know that their G.K is definitely not working! Blogging   is one of the largest social media community in the world and an excellent source to connect to people. many people refer to these blogs to read business information, opinions, and feedback. These blogs enjoy great visibility as well as reputation. If you think you are missing out somewhere, The use of blogging, will definitely bring you into the lime light!



In the constant race of technology, being different is the most important thing one needs to acquire .and with so much competition, being recognised is surely a struggle! but don’t worry we got the best advice for you!

Being unique in the race will only be achieved when u have the best and rare information of anything! Be so perfect and authentic with your information that people will only approach you! In this way the competition   will only be won by you!

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