5 Tips for Leaders – Get employee “working from home- WFM” Productive
Divya-Nagpal 29th March 2020 160Category: Learning & Development.(0)

If you are a leader, to have an employee working from home WFM, productive & to have high team results, a good strategy should include Goal/target setting, Communication, Effective engagement.
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 Have a meeting, relook at the job description/tasks. Tweak task so it can be done from working from home.
 Define short term goals and daily targets.
 How many of you think, this will bring in clarity and accountability in work. Communication –
 Be always available for the employee on call.
 Schedule online daily team meetings at a fixed time, wherein the team can share updates, seek support from others, and plan for the next day.
Engagement – Now one of the most important aspects is employee engagement. – How do you now Keep the employee engaged?
 Allocate work as per skills
 Inform him of organization announcements, work updates, team changes, etc.  Encourage and appreciate his work
BE OPPORTUNIST – Good time to finish pending work. Innovation, Ideation. But make most of it. Data Security – Take necessary measures
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