5 Great Reasons To Trust cleanDocs For Metadata Removal And Data Protection
PRIME INFOTECH 29th April 2020 204Category: Technology.(0)

Towards the end of 2019, we published an article on why organisations must remove metadata from their documents. Read it here Tech Thursday: 5 Critical Reasons To Remove Metadata From Your Documents (And Automate The Process!)

And one of the most popular applications to remove sensitive information and metadata from shared documents is cleanDocs. But cleanDocs is much more than just a metadata cleaner. It is also a powerful data loss prevention solution.

Here are 5 reasons why cleanDocs is the metadata cleaning solution of choice for a growing number of organisations all over the world.

  1. Fast speeds and enhanced cleaning accuracy

With cleanDocs, you can remove more than 100 metadata types from your files quickly and with minimal impact on end-user productivity. You can also accurately clean sensitive metadata from many types of files including zipped and password-protected files. With its advanced output options, you can easily convert attachments to PDF format, add to a ZIP file or even apply password protection.

  1. Multi-use application

cleanDocs provides metadata cleaning and email recipient checking in a single user-friendly application. You can either use the desktop solution on its own or with cleanDocs server to protect emails, whether they are sent from mobile devices or through Outlook Web Access.

  1. Enforce internal policies

Set cleaning and email recipient checking policies at the user level with the Graphical Configuration Manager and enforce your company’s metadata cleaning policies for every outgoing email to ensure 100% compliance and stronger enterprise-wide data security.

  1. Integration with other applications

cleanDocs is integrated with many email and document management systems to make metadata cleaning seamless and to improve workflows. Integration with other data loss prevention solutions like iManage Security Policy Manager provides improved data security across the organisation.

  1. Easy to configure and use

cleanDocs offers a simple user interface so users can get up to speed quickly with minimal training.

Prime Infotech offers a number of world-class document management solutions including cleanDocs. For more information about cleanDocs, contact Prime Infotech today.


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