4 Reasons Why TEB Billing Is The Best Billing Management Software For Small Businesses
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Billing and invoicing can be a painful, time-consuming activity for small businesses, especially if done using old-school methods like spreadsheets and manual reconciliation.

If you own or manage a small business and are aiming for growth, you need technology, specifically technology that streamlines your billing processes and ensures data accuracy with easy reconciliation.

Do you want to:

  • Keep track of your finances?
  • Bring transparency, accuracy and accountability to your operations?
  • Simplify life for your customers?
  • Meet their needs and keep them coming back?

You need TEB Billing!

TEB Billing is a world-class billing management software that helps businesses easily manage and track sales, payments and outstanding invoices. It provides a real-time, updated record of transactions which simplifies the audit process and reduces the likelihood of costly errors.

TEB Billing is cloud-hosted so you can access the information and data you need, from any device, anywhere!

Here are 4 compelling reasons why TEB Billing is one of the best billing solutions for small businesses in every industry!

#1: It offers advanced integration with a range of accounting systems

TEB Billing is not a stand-alone solution! It can be integrated with many different accounting systems including Tally, Xero, Sage and QuickBooks. So no matter which accounting tools your business uses, you can still get complete ease and transparency in your billing and invoicing processes.

Ultimately, TEB Billing ensures that your invoices, timesheets and sales are entirely accurate and perfectly reconciled.

#2: Intelligent automation reduces time and simplifies processes

TEB Billing uses in-built intelligent automation technology to reduce the input requirements for billing-related tasks and thus speed up the billing process. Now you can automatically schedule your  invoices to easily manage your payment cycles. Outstanding payments can be highlighted, reminded and tracked to ensure that you stay on top of every completed sale and outstanding invoice.

#3: Accuracy and precision guaranteed

TEB Billing can create bills automatically utilising data from timesheets, customer orders and workflows. This dramatically reduces the time spent on creating, verifying and sending invoices. The software also offers a system of checks and balances to ensure that all invoices are accurate and reconciled before you send them. When customers know that they’re working with a professional organisation that always sends accurate bills, they will trust you more and be more satisfied with your services.

#4: Location-agnostic with cloud-based operations

Businesses operating from multiple locations often struggle to reconcile different currencies, locations and business units with ease. Thanks to its cloud-based operations, you can configure TEB Billing to match your business setup so you can easily manage your business locally, national and even globally. Use its advanced analytics feature to help with business decision-making.

TEB Billing can simplify your billing and invoicing processes!

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